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From the moment you get up in the morning until you go to bed at night
you go on saying I, I, I, and myself and mine. But even when you say I,
do you know who this I really is? You say 'this is my body', 'this is my
intelligence', 'this is my inner feeling', 'these are my senses', but do you
ever ask yourself, 'Who am I ?' If you never inquire into your own truth
what good is all the education you have acquired? If you will not make
the effort to inquire into your truth, then who else will come and remove
the writing that is on your forehead? Who will remove the karma that is
imprinted there? Instead of engaging yourself in self-examination, you
just allow impure thoughts to enter your head, and so all your thinking
becomes dull and null.
You should realize that when you say, 'this is my handkerchief', the one
who is the you, is different from the object which, in this case, is the
handkerchief. You say, 'this is my body'. You do not say, 'I am this
body'. When you say, 'this is my body' you are declaring that you and
the body are different and separate from each other. If you then inquire
who is this you who is saying this, then you will be led to the indweller.
You must inquire who this indweller is, in other words, who is owning all
these things. Only when there is an owner can there be any meaning in
saying 'this is my property, this is my land'. Only the master who owns the
property has the right to say 'this property is mine'. For the body-mind
this master is the indweller. This master will not undergo any change.
He will never leave you. Therefore, by means of inner inquiry, you should
try to discover and recognize this unchanging indwelling divinity which is
your true reality.