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In the world, there is much confusion about very crucial human capability called leadership. Whenever we talk about leadership, and indeed it is frequently discussed topic, our mind race towards towering personalities like Julius Caesar, Napoleon, George Washington and many others. In the process we overlook the cardinal fact that almost all of us have to play leadership role at some time or other. Good leadership is needed in family (N: perhaps most important level - rising children, or even things like cooking lunch ...), in farms and factories, in small businesses and in large enterprises, in school and universities, in dispensaries and hospitals, in civil and military organs of the state, in public life at every level, in nations and the world.
There are more than 350 definitions for the world "leadership" in academic literature in English language alone. It indicate general confusion that prevails about the subject, as also its complexity. Given below is the definition which has a touch of practical commonsense:
"Leadership is the capacity to frame plans that will succeed and the faculty to persuade other to carry them out in the face of all difficulties."
In normal parlance the definition we have adopted can be expressed in very simple term. In any situation, no matter at what level or how complex, leadership amounts to:

                  Knowing what to do + GETTING THINGS DONE

The difference in size of letters in the two parts indicate the relative importance of two components. To make realistic plan is important. But, to get it implemented is a far more important and challenging capability of a leader. Sound knowledge of the field of our work helps us in deciding what to do and the strength of our character helps us in getting things done. In management terminology, the definition can be expressed as:

                  Capability + EFFECTIVENESS

(managerial effectiveness is the term used for leadership in management literature)

N: Now, the obvious question is, what belongs to that strength of character which helps us in getting things done. Well, will power to persist is a quality present in all outstanding leaders. So, if you don't mind, I will start with that. If you are more 'visual type', for information about it, click here, and if you are more 'verbal type', click here. (But nobody prevents you to check both links ...)
Of course, it is only part of character. We also need to develop things like: unselfishness, courage, initiative ....
On the other hand, Knowledge is also an important component of the Universal Inner Structure of good leaders. There belongs knowledge of the job, knowledge of the self, capability of dealing with people ...

N: For now, that would be all, but I plan to update this page soon ....