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Nenad's Home Page

A yogi once entered a king's palace and walked straight to the
throne. Because of his awesome appearance, no one dared to
stop him. He said to the king, "I'm looking for a sleeping place
in this roadside inn." The king shouted, "This is no roadside inn,
this is my royal palace!"  The yogi asked quietly, "Whose was it
before you?"  The king replied, "My father's"  "And before that?"
"My grandfather's."     The yogi smiled, "And this place, where
people come and go, staying and moving on, you call other than
a roadside inn?"


Welcome to my Home Page,

I tried to put lot of interesting things on this pages and I hope that you will find something for your taste. My intention was, to share some of the thingsI found useful and valuable, with everyone who needs it.
Since my English still needs improvements, I decided to use lot of quotes.
But, when you see N: it means that these lines are mine.
If you are in doubt where to start searching these pages, my suggestion is here.
If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to say hello, don't hesitate to email me.


Music is not appropriate for all pages, but when you want to play it again, you can turn it on in the upper window.
I also would like to say, that if I violate some copyright rules, inform me, and I will remove that parts from my pages.