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  For example, if you've had a bad day, than later your brain will show you vivid reruns, over and over
            again. It's not enough that you had a bad day; you can ruin the whole evening ...
  Most people don't stop there. How many of you think about unpleasant things that happened long ago?
 It's as your brain is saying, "Let's do it again! We've got an hour before lunch, let's think about
something that's really depressing. Maybe we can get angry about it three years to late." Have you
heard about "unfinished business"? It's finished; you just didn't like the way it came out.
I want you to find out how you can learn to change your own experience, and get some control over
what happens in your brain. Most people are prisoners of their own brains. It's as if they are chained to the last seat of the bus and someone else is driving. I want you to learn how to drive your own bus. If
you don't give your brain a little direction, either it will just run randomly on it's own, or other people
will find  ways to run it for you - and they may not always have your best interest in mind.
People used to say, "I can't help it; it's just the way I feel". If somebody says, "I just felt I had to throw
a hand grenade into the room," that's not acceptable. But if someone says, "I just can't accept what you
saying; I have to yell at you and make you feel bad; it's just the way I feel," people will accept it.
People say, I can't do something without realizing what those words mean. "Can't in English is
"can not" joined together. When somebody says, "I can't do it," he's saying he "can" - is able to -
"not do it," which is always true.
Many people use their imagination only to discover all the things that would make them feel bad,
so they can feel bad about it NOW. Why wait?
Why wait until your husband goes out and has an affair. Imagine it now; see him out there having
fun with someone else. Feel as you're there watching it all. You can make yourself hideously jealous,
just like that. How many of you have done that?
Than if you're still feeling terrible when he comes home, you can yell and scream at him and drive
him away, so that it will actually happen. Clients have come in and told me they did this. I listen to
them and I ask, "Why don't you make good pictures?" "What do you mean" "Change that picture
until you can see yourself there with him instead of that other woman. Than step into the picture
and enjoy all those good feelings. Then when he gets home, make him want to do it with you."
Do you like it better?
Think what your life would be like if you remembered all your good experiences as dim, distant,
fuzzy, black and white snapshots, but recalled all your bad experiences in vividly colorful, close,
panoramic, 3-D movies. That's the great way to get depressed and think that life isn't worth living.
All of us have good and bad experiences; how we recall them is often what makes difference.
I watched a woman at the party once. For three hours she had a great time - talking, dancing,
showing off. Just as she was getting ready to leave, someone spilled coffee all down the front
of her dress. As she cleaned up, she said, "Oh, now the whole evening is ruined!" Think about
that: one bad moment was enough to ruin three hours of happiness! I wanted to find out how
she did that, so I asked her about her dancing earlier. She said she saw herself dancing with a
coffee-stain on her dress! She took that coffee-stain and literally stained all her earlier
memories with it....
Do you want to know a good way to fall in love? Just associate with all your pleasant experiences
with someone, and dissociate from all the unpleasant ones. It works really well. If you don't think
about unpleasant experiences at all, you can even use this method to fall in love with someone who
does lot of things you don't like. The usual method is to fall in love this way and than get married.
Once you're married, you can turn this process around so that you associate with the unpleasant
experiences and dissociate from the pleasant ones. Now you respond only to the unpleasant things,
and they wonder why "they've changed!" They didn't change, your thinking did.
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