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It's actually quite easy to modify past experiences. The next thing I'd like to teach you is what I call
"briefest therapy" and you can all try it now.
Think of an unpleasant embarrassment or disappointment, and take a good look at the movie to see if
it still makes you feel bad now. If it doesn't, pick another one...
Next, start that movie again, and as soon as it begins, put some nice loud circus music behind it. Listen
to the circus music right through to the end of the movie.
Now watch that original movie again.... Does that make you feel better? For most of you it will change
a tragedy into a comedy, and lighten your feelings about it. If you have a memory that makes you
annoyed and angry, put this circus music with it. If you run it by with circus music, the next time it
comes back it will automatically have the circus music with it, and won't feel the same. For a few of
you, circus music may be inappropriate choice for that particular memory. If you didn't notice any
change, or if your feelings changed in an unsatisfactory way, see if you can think of some other music
or sounds that you think might impact that memory, and then try playing that music with your memory.
You could try a thousand soap opera violins, or opera music, the 1812 Overture, "Hernando Hideaway,"
or whatever, and find out what it happens. If you start experimenting, you can find lots of ways to change your experience.
Pick another bad memory. Run the movie however you usually do, to find out if it bothers you now....
Now run the same memory backwards, from the back to the beginning, just as if you were rewinding
the film, and do it very quickly, in a few second....
Now run the movie forward again....
Do you feel the same about that memory after running it backwards? Definitely not. It's like saying
sentence backwards; the meaning changes. Try that on all you bad memories....