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N: Almost as a rule people see a black dot. (so, don't bother if that was your answer also)
That is the problem in our receiving information, because what they should say is that they
see a lot  of white everywhere. There is only one small black dot, but they don't mention
about white.  That shows us how we receive information. We like to see the black dot in
other people. We like to criticize, we like to say, this is no good, this is bad. Shortly, we
tend to see mistakes in other people. Newspaper, when they report they will give all the
crimes, all the black spots of the society. They will not talk about the good things in society
so much, especially on the first page, so again they are concentrating on that black dot.
You probably heard, that whatever we think so we become. So when we think about bad
all the time, it automatically gives us negative programing. More about reprograming you can
find if you click here ...
For now, I would be very happy if you don't search for black dots (mistakes) in my Home Page.
Instead of that you can search for motives that can inspire you to make some positive changes.
That, of course, doesn't mean that you should not email me if you have some suggestion which
could be of interest for me.

And now, imagine that you met a great yogi, and that you explained him how complicate and
hard is your everyday life. Here is his answer to you.

What do you think about the most misused word, love?
I suggest that you give love one more chance, and click here

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